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December 25, 2006


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This card could be very good for kids. But if we give it to our friends I think it is not anything special. Better is to make something on your own.

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Lovely & beautiful decoration for a Christmas tree and the one important part in it is bush sitting on rocket.

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I am loving it, It's really beautiful. Thank you very to share this with us.

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Santa Claus is one happy fellow to follow. He has been the symbol of Christmas for a long time now and almost every year he has been making children laugh and enjoying them a lot,thanks for sharing this blog.

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What a great Christmas lunch table decoration. How lovely to have everyone's name on a piece ready to serve a little surprise gift :)

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Great Blog. I like the motercycle picture!

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i reading your blog today It was very interesting and informative.

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Its a great celebration on Christmas day.
thanks for share this post.
I like this blog.

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Love the Santa Claus decoration! Im looking for some new ideas for my decorations, I want to do something different this year! Thanks for share this nice pic!

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Hi Happy Christmas day of year 2010
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Next Christmas want this Santa in my house with this tree for adding its charm.

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The practice of putting up special decorations at Christmas has a long history. From pre-Christian times, people in the Roman Empire brought branches from evergreen plants indoors in the winter.

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I like this beautiful decoration work on Christmas tree.
keep it up.



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That is so pretty , i love it, so cute it is.

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