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December 28, 2006


Robert (from France)

This reminds me a another quote which I think fits well with yours. The original form was quite elegant but I don't remember the exact words, just the spirit. However, I'll do my best to reproduce it.

"Reasonable men accept reality, unreasonable men try to change reality; therefore all progress is made by unreasonable men."

Ronan (Paris)

I know its February and the holidays are well behind us but these quotes reminded me of Popper’s work on the progress of scientific knowledge and Schumpeter’s concept of creative destruction.

Popper proposed that the advance of scientific knowledge is an evolutionary process. Scientific theories are subjected to tests to see if they can be proved to be false. Over time only the “stronger” theories survive. These in turn are subject to further testing. Theories can never be fully verified but only subjected to more testing. However, our understanding of scientific knowledge seems to improve.

Schumpter’s thoughts on “creative destruction” describe how businesses are destroyed by innovation. All business models and process eventually succumb to better models and processes. This cycle leads to productivity growth and generates long term wealth. In Schrumpter’s view the market performs the testing.

So, plenty of opportunities.

Yen Rubie

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This is really true. My friend, who by the way just recently decided to refinance a mortgage, used to tell me that it is never too late for us to dream. Dreaming, should not only stop with the thought. It should be coupled with action.


I am one of those dreamers of the day,, I'm just a girl, not a man. But I believe that makes me more dangerous. *sinister smile*

Lora Lufark

December 28, 2006


The picture said it all.

Dois Mundos

Great quote. I don't know if it was in the original, privately published version of "the book" that Lawrence distributed to friends around Oxford and London, before the "mass market" work was marketed. Unfortunately, the dreams Lawrence shared, dreams that were promoted to the hilt by Yale Deke and propagandist Lowell Thomas, got twisted into a nightmare with a carbon footprint. Asher's book tells the tale, more or less. The Sykes-Picot Treaty's the one, like Martin Amis likes to say... innit?

 Corey Blum

Great article. Very informative. I might suggest taking a look at John Assaraf's and Murray Smith's new book, "The Answer." It highlights cracking the entrepreneurial code - something you have experience with and are probably interested in. I'd highly suggest the read. http://www.readtheanswer.com/index.php?rta=blog


I cannot agree more, actually I wrote a similar post weeks ago


Frontier Blog - No one ahead, no one behind


I cannot agree more, actually I wrote a similar post weeks ago


Frontier Blog - No one ahead, no one behind

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