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September 22, 2004


julien codorniou

by the way, Vinod is the only dude who made money on Excite(@home).
former shareholders certainly wish he stayed home that day instead of snooping around in dirty garages...

Marc Goldberg


I think it's important to sepaprate "the guts to fund, and how a VC can support an early stage venture" to what happen several years after (and the exit implosion...).

My point here is that Vinod is a good example on how a gret-operation-backgrunded-with-clues-and-opinion-on-technology-and-product-issues-not-fresh-investment-banker-just-out-of-biz-school can make a difference in an early stage business.

I have also been involved in other KP venture (like Zapplet...) which did not turn into any success, but that does not change the fact that Vinod is also for me one of the good example of a VC-With-Opinions (which is who from a CEO perspective i want in my business)

Excite's demise was not a failure to find a business model. It's more properly attributed to its merger with the ill-fated @Home, whose regulatory problems and AT&T lordship brought the ship down.

cf also http://sapventures.typepad.com/main/2004/09/main_dish_8.html for more comment on your perspective...

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