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September 19, 2005


Neil Hinrichsen

I think that as with email, the ultimately virtually zero of VoIP calls can only leading to our voicemail boxes being swamped with audio spam.

But with email spam, it is possible to put in place sophisticated filters based on the text fields of subject, sender, etc to block much spam. And what gets through can be relatively quickly visually scanned and deleted. THE SAME DOES NOT APPLY TO AUDIO SPAM.

My prediction is that first we will see voicemail boxes being crippled by audio spam. This will cause intense reactions - imagine missing a vital message from your child, because there were 216 spam messages before it in your voicemail box. The industry will quickly move to offer what is almost inevitable - electronic "stamps" for voicemail (and ultimately email too). My Inbox will only accept messages that are either from my Contacts list, OR that have an acceptable amount of postage attached. Users will set this amount themselves - I might require 50 cents (enough to deter bulk spammers), Bill Gates might require $10,000 before his Inbox accepts messages from people not known to him.


check out caller id spoofing from the zero group


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