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September 23, 2005



count me in. I'll try to bring a special guest.

David de Talent Power

count me in too

Thierry - ATAFOTO

I'll be with you guys.

Julien André

I'm still entrepreneur ! i'll be there

Stéphane LEE

Great, I'll be there too.


Actually, I don't agree with Julien. Once you've incorporated the company, you're no longer an entrepreneur really... you've become a "manager" while perhaps indeed remaining owner. To me, being an entrepreneur only occurs for one second, the moment you incorporate...
Like you however, I'd like to believe that I'm still an entrepreneur ;-)

Count me in! (is there a subscription box somewhere for the CGS series?)

BTW Marc, did you get my previous emails? I haven't heard from you since... Please ping me when you get a chance.

Loic & Francisque

We'll be there too !

Charles Nouÿrit

I'll be there too.

David Pooxi

I'll be there too !

Julien André

Yann, I'm no longer owner of CarriereOnline but still co-founder of JobQos and JobMeeters !


Count me in.

Philippe Silberzahn

COunt me in

Daniel Goooooootza

I'll be there too with great pleasure :)


I'll be glad to be with you,


I Marc,
Sorry for the inconvenience but I won't finally be able to make it on Wednesday Dec 7 for the dinner. I'll be on travel in Montréal but Francisque will definetelyh be there. My apology for the matter again and have nice time.

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