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October 23, 2004



but the range of bluetooth is still to "nearband" for digital home applications. Zigbee gives you a range of up to 150 feet, more than enough for most home applications, and with repeaters it's enough for commercial apps as well.

Rajiv Dulepet

Does it make sense to compare Zigbee to RFID? What would be the architectural difference between Zigbee tag and RFID tag?


Does anyone know of any models for Zigbee out there???
I have seen some ns-2 models, but what about OPNET???

Also, any good papers comparing Bluetooth and Zigbee.


I too am looking for ZigBee models particularly in OPNET. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Jerry Hahn

www.Techworld.com, March 2005, there is a techie comparison between ZigBee and Bluetooth by Wexler. Bluetooth still has disadvantages despite the sleep wake mode programming feature possibility. Among those are the connectivity time and the cost per unit to implement. From my research, for low data volumes such as those in home apps, ZigBee makes more sense.

Jerry Hahn
LIFETECHniques Inc.


I am looking for a Bluetooth module for Opnet, I have found one called Suitetooth but can't get it to compile without errors in version 11.5. any suggestions?

eric hodge

steven davies

Hi,do you know where I can find Magic Band wrap BT430 EX with non Bluetooth device?
Thank you:)


Have you already seen the Wibree protocol, it seens to be a future of Bluetooth in a ULP context, they plan to give it's specifications in middle 2008, do you know if Wibree and Zigbee are going to be competitors or if there are different applications for each of them?

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i like this part of the blog:"The power consumption feature in the specification is a really important part of the technology. A ZigBee device will sleep more than it's active, this is call a "low duty cycle", and with the active power at 10mW and the sleep power at 10uW, a AAA battery will power a ZigBee device for 37,000 hours on a duty cycle of .1 percent..." is very good

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I don't have much confidence on bluetooth devices, because it doesn't have so much range and it consumes a lot of energy

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Thanks a lot for a bunch of good tips. I look forward to reading more on the topic in the future as well.

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